Question: Why should I train at MPC Hoops?
Answer: Don't take our word for it, here's what some of our clients have to say:
Bruce Saintilus (Athlete, Clark University): "People should train with X Factor because they care just as much about how well you do on the court as you do off. This is a great atmosphere to become the best player and person you can be."
Kevin Conner (Dad, Mansfield): "The X Factor Hoops program is simply amazing! My son began working out with Coach Rocky and his team of trainers since 2021. To witness the growth in his game, confidence, speed and overall skillset has been remarkable!"
Emily Mulgrew (Athlete, Walpole): "I'm so glad I decided to train with X Factor. My skills, shooting and overall game has improved a ton. They are fully committed to helping me become the best player I can be."
Abbey Pompei (Athlete, King Phillip): "Since I've been training with X Factor, not only have my skills became one thousand (1,000) times better, but it's helped me look at the game in a new aspect and makes me only want to try harder and get better every chance I can."
Ashley Kepaa (Coach, NE Select): "As a coach, I am so appreciative that my players get to train with the X Factor Hoops team. My players get to learn and improve on skills that are transferrable to the game. This isn't your classic skills and drills training program. It's mindful, intentional training of the whole player with team concepts and IQ built in. Rocky and his team have had an incredible impact on the way my team has evolved and if you're serious about basketball the investment is worth it, I see it paying off every time we hit the court."

Question: Which training package is best for me?
Answer: What are your goals with your training? Are you looking to get a workout in once a week or are you looking to transform your game with personal coaching and a full-on development plan? If you're looking for one workout a week, the STARTER membership will be best for you. If you're looking to get bigger results and train twice a week, the ALL-STAR membership is for you. If you're looking to transform your game, the SUPERSTAR or MVP membership is for you. 

Question: What are group sessions like?
Answer: Fun, competitive, high energy. Athletes build their skills in game-like environments and most importantly, they make a lot of decisions. These sessions are where skill work translates to the game.

Question: How many athletes are in a group session?
Answer: There are anywhere from 2-6 athletes in a group session.

If we're running a Joint session (where two coaches train two groups of the same skill level/age group on one court at the same time), there will be 7-12 athletes in this session. However, they'll still be split up in groups of 2-6 during skill work and only all be together during competitive 2v2s or 3v3s. 

Question: Which group should I sign up for?
Varsity Boys/Girls - For athletes who played at the Varsity Level in their most recent season. Invite-only if at High School level.
High School Boys/Girls - For athletes who played at the Junior Varsity or Freshman level in their most recent season. Invite-only if in Middle School.
Middle/High School - For 9th grade/advanced 7th-8th grade athletes. Invite-only if in Middle School.
Middle School - For 6th-8th grade athletes. Invite-only if in Elementary school.
Junior - For 4th-6th grade athletes. Trial session if under 10 years old.

If you sign up for a group that you are either not ready for or are too advanced for, we will move you to the group that's best for you. If you are unsure of which group you should be in, feel free to reach out for assistance.

Question: When I'm booking, how does the waitlist work?
Answer: The way the waitlist works is that you are next in line if the client that's signed up needs to cancel their session. You will be notified immediately in the event that you are moved up from the waitlist! Tap WAITLIST on a training session to confirm your spot on the waitlist.

Question: How do I check in for my training session?
Answer: You can check in from your account or using the iPad at Mass Premier. Watch these quick "How-to" videos:
How to Check-In From Your Phone
How to Check-In from Desktop

Question: What are your training hours?
Winter Training Hours:
Monday: 2:30PM - 7:30PM
Tuesday: 3:00PM - 6:00PM
Wednesday: 2:30PM - 7:30PM
Thursday: 2:30PM - 7:30PM
Friday: 2:30PM - 6:PM
Saturday: 9:20AM - 11:20AM